[GET] Bam Events - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

Bam Events - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

Bam Events is an easy-to-use full featured WordPress event management plugin and calendar. The clean design was created to blend in well with all WordPress themes and features customizer options to choose colors to fit your design and brand.

Manage and share events with WordPress

Designed to be the ultimate events calendar and management plugin for WordPress. Bam Events allows you to start creating and sharing events in minutes, with its simple and modern interface – Bam Events is really easy to get started.

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Developers can utilize the built-in hooks and filters to create custom event integrations or even completely custom views and templates. Bam Events was created to provide a perfect platform to build add-ons and scale your event’s website.



Create single day events Create multi-day events Create all day events Create recurring events Create and save event location Create and save event organizers Set timezone for events WordPress customizer support Multiple archive types and styles Display event images on archive Fully localized including RTL support Google Map API Ajax archives Simple event management Developer friendly with extensive hooks & filters

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Created 2018-06-12 16:03:38